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Super Terminal Expo and CAPA Releases In-Depth Report: The Past, the Present and the Future of the Aerotropolis: Strategies Emerging in Asia and the Rest of the World

 Hong Kong, China, 24 June 2024 – Super Terminal Expo (STE), together with CAPA – Centre for Aviation (CAPA), published a report titled “The Past, the Present, and the Future of Aerotropolis: Strategies Emerging in Asia and the Rest of the World”. The report outlines airports’ major technological leaps, and ambitious environmental strategies including a move towards electric aircraft and advocating for green finance, amidst calls for a unified voice to champion sustainable aviation.


The free report is available for download here: https://www.superterminalexpo.com/aerotropolis-strategies-emerging-in-asia/


A Comprehensive Perspective on Aerotropolis Evolution 

 This comprehensive report serves as an analytical lens focusing on the dynamic evolution and strategic development of aerotropolises worldwide, with a particular emphasis on Asian regions.   


In this report, you’ll gain exclusive insights into:

1. Key technological leaps within the airport industry
2. Developing strategies for environmental stewardship in aviation
3. The future of electric aircraft and the role of green finance in powering this transition
4. The need for a unified and influential voice advocating for sustainable aviation 

Historically anchored in Western innovations, the aerotropolis concept has witnessed a dynamic shift, particularly across Asian regions. Countries like Hong Kong, South Korea, and India are at the forefront, developing infrastructures such as Hong Kong International Airport, Incheon International Airport, and Delhi Aerotropolis. These developments are not only reshaping local economies but are also setting new benchmarks in efficient airport operations and passenger satisfaction. 

The report stresses the critical need for integrating aerotropolis projects within the overarching urban development strategy, rather than viewing them as standalone entities. A key insight from the study highlights the necessity of dovetailing these conglomerates with economically viable and technologically equipped urban plans, such as the ‘15-minute city’ concept, thus enhancing connectivity and sustainability. 


Strategic Partnerships Shaping Global Aviation Dialogues 

The collaboration between STE and CAPA exemplifies a synergy that leverages decades of industry intelligence and insights to address the complex challenges and opportunities within the global airport sector. This partnership enriches the report’s content, making it a critical resource for airport leaders, operators and vendors, policymakers, and academics alike. 

The free report is available for download here. 


About Super Terminal Expo:  

Super Terminal Expo is Asia’s pioneering design, construction and operations event showcasing the next wave of innovation in passenger and cargo terminal, bringing together experts and decision-makers to shape the future of terminals.   

Organised by Informa Markets, the world’s largest event organiser, Super Terminal Expo has strategically chosen aviation as the focal point for its inaugural year as we recognise the unparalleled opportunities present within Asia’s aviation sector.    

Super Terminal Expo is supported by Aviation Week Network, Airport Authority Hong Kong and CAPA – Centre for Aviation, Hong Kong International Aviation Academy and International Cooperation and Service Center, CAAC.   

Spanning 20,000 sqm at AsiaWorld-Expo, Super Terminal Expo is set to be a hub of innovation with over 300 exhibitors. The event also includes a conference programme, featuring 80+ forums led by industry experts, targeting vital trends and ideas around transport and freight hubs.  

The event will be co-located with the CAPA Airline Leader Summit Asia & Sustainability Award, a two-day summit focusing on aviation sustainability, and the CTC Corporate Travel Summit, hosted by Corporate Travel Community (CTC).  

For more information, please visit www.superterminalexpo.com.   


About CAPA: 

CAPA, part of Aviation Week Network, is the leading provider of independent aviation market intelligence, analysis and data services covering worldwide developments. Established in 1990, CAPA uses platforms designed to help the aviation sector and supplier businesses stay informed, remain connected to industry leaders, and fuel inspiration to drive change. CAPA’s global C-level and corporate travel in-person and virtual Summits and Masterclasses attract executive-level speakers, attendees and leading stakeholders of the global commercial aviation industry. Understanding aviation markets is our great strength and passion, along with providing CAPA members, clients and partners with an unparalleled level of expertise and insight. 

 For more information and details on membership and events, please visit https://centreforaviation.com/. 


About Informa Markets:  

Informa Markets creates platforms for industries and specialist markets to trade, innovate and grow. We provide marketplace participants around the globe with opportunities to engage, experience and do business through face-to-face exhibitions, targeted digital services and actionable data solutions. We connect buyers and sellers across more than a dozen global verticals, including Pharmaceuticals, Food, Medical Technology and Infrastructure. As the world’s leading market-making company, we bring a diverse range of specialist markets to life, unlocking opportunities and helping them to thrive 365 days of the year. For more information, please visit www.informamarkets.com 


Media Contact:  

Cheryl Heng  

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