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从空港城市到超级枢纽 与超级枢纽博览会共同拓展业务






Fred Lam, CEO, HKIA
Vivian Cheung, CCO, HKIA
ZHANG Wuan, VP, Spring Airlines
Sarah Samuel, SVP, Airport & Airline Operations, APAC, Amadeus
CAO Yunchun, Director of The Center for Airport Economic Research, Civil Aviation University of China (CAUC)
Dr. Yuanyang Gao, Professor and the Director of General Aviation Industry Research Center of Beihang University

More to come very soon…!

Themes & Topics

Multimodal Excellence

Multimodal Excellence

Multi-modal excellence: Achieving is not easy

  • – Streamlined connectivity between multiple transport modes is tough.
  • – From rideshare, taxis, rail, bus and private cars through to emerging UAM modes, we talk to entities achieving multi-model hubbing excellence.
  • – Examine planning, financing and strategic challenges and how they’ve been overcome.

Automation of air cargo

  • – There are still too many labour touchpoints and paper interventions.
  • – When will digitisation and automation take over, especially in on-the-ground load devices – and what are the barriers, including investment?

Examining the future commercial viability of air cargo

  • – Air cargo is the most carbon-intensive of all cargo modes, so what does the future bring and will the needed investment be forthcoming?

Terminal Security & Facilitation

Understanding/mitigating risk of cybersecurity threats

  • – Airlines and airports have dated IT systems, having underinvested for decades. As a result the operational, commercial threats are real.
  • – Passenger data are vulnerable, so what is being done to mitigate the risks?

Harmonising border crossings

  • – There is little uniformity at border crossings around screening security procedures.
  • – What are the future ideas of leading border security agencies around passenger and baggage screening procedures?
  • – Experts on border regulation discuss the digitalisation of admissibility and pre-clearance using digital identity and removing the need for the airline to broker pax data.

Terminal Passenger Experience & Innovation

Fast(er) travel. The technology and collaboration enabling seamless experiences

– The growth of airport biometrics and One ID implementations are streamlining passenger processing at airports and ports around the world. Arrival-at-gate tech is changing the game.
– W
e explore the technologies and data-sharing collaboration between airports, airlines and border control to enable vast improvements in this area.
– But also ask what are the associated downstream implications for retail and the commercial development of airports?
– Leaders share their experiences around biometrics and digital identity trials and implementations.

How emerging technology and AI can improve the passenger experience, accessibility and inclusion

– There is little uniformity at border crossings around screening security procedures.
-AI and emerging tech has the potential to radically improve the terminal way-finding, accessibility and inclusion over the long run, ultimately improving the passenger experience.

The Jewel in the crown: Airports offering unique experiences will be the winners

– Increasingly airports are offering attractions and experiences that are engaging and drawcards for passengers and locals.
– At its heart, they build non-aeronautical revenues, but these offerings, like Singapore’s Jewel, can quickly become the soul of the airport destination too.
– Every progressive airport could develop their own crowing destination attraction, but…what are the elements in getting it right?
– It starts with bag drop… How far could/should airports go before they lose their raison d’être for being an airport?
– What is a realistic airport experience?

Future Terminals & Sustainability

Strategies, cost/benefit of decarbonising an existing airport city

  • – Many major airports around the world that have committed to fighting climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions through energy efficiency measures and better design.

Overcoming the challenges of airport decarbonisation and the role of airport carbon accreditation and certification as solutions. Practical steps to achieving carbon-neutral
status faster.

Building a sustainable airport terminal

  • – Explore decarbonization strategies and best practices that are being incorporated into the design of new sustainable passenger terminals with reference to the ADRM Sustainability guidance.

Advanced Air Mobility

Next-gen aircraft – implications for airports

  • – The next generation of Electric/UAM and Hydrogen-powered aircraft will change the way airports function around the globe, impacting short-haul and medium/long-haul sectors and the facilities that serve them. Is AAM an opportunity or threat to airports?
  • The near-term transition to Hybrid (SAF/traditional) blends is also creating new demands on supply and storage. Hear the latest trends in planning, design and operations as leading airports transition.

UAM, Airports & Airspace – threat or opportunity?

  • Should airports see UAM as a threat to their route structures, passenger and cargo bases?
  • – Investigate how other sub-sectors are embracing it as a huge opportunity to diversify their passenger and cargo markets and become an integral part of this emerging trend.
  • – UAM is raising questions around flight paths and controlled air space – how are leading agencies helping to prepare for flight in 2025/26?

UAM success drivers – what do the manufacturers want and what do the operators need?

  • Bringing together regulators, manufacturers and operators in the UAM space can deliver surprising insights into how the sector will evolve.
  • – What regulatory and tech barriers need to be overcome, according to the manufacturers?
  • – What are operators looking for from their vertiport partners?


  • 超级枢纽博览会诚挚邀请业界精英提交演讲提案,参与我们即将举办的亚洲盛会。此次活动汇聚了来自终端规划、开发与运营领域的核心利益相关者及行业领袖,包括超过300家机场以及来自亚太地区的C级高管嘉宾。这将是您展现专业智慧、分享行业洞见、参与高端交流、扩大个人影响力的绝佳机会。您的精彩演讲将为大会增添更多价值,共同推动终端运营与航空业界的繁荣发展。








  1. 超级枢纽与连通性 
  1. 终端规划、设计与开发 
  1. 多模式综合优化 
  1. 终端安全与便利 
  1. 终端乘客体验与创新 
  1. 未来终端与可持续性 
  1. 先进空中交通 


  • 演讲者简介,包括专业领域和经验。 
  • 请详述您当前和过往的职务/所代表的组织。 
  • 讨论的具体主题、案例研究和发展的信息。 
  • 请明确您更倾向于个人演讲还是参与小组讨论的形式 
  • 为了方便不同背景的参与者,您可选择使用英语或中文提交上述信息 






作为演讲的额外福利,本届大会的战略合作伙伴航空周刊(Aviation Week Network)将在其频道上特别介绍精选的演讲嘉宾 


如果您希望在会议上发表演讲,请在2024年430日前完成会议提案表格。了解更多信息,请联系[email protected]